Arm Lift

Rehnke Arm Lift

One of the most satisfied group of patients in all of plastic surgery are the ones who undergo arm lifts, or what surgeons call a “brachioplasty.”  Typically these patients have lost significant amounts of weight and, as a result, complain of loose flabby arms; some patients have inherited big arms as a family trait without having problems with obesity. Whatever the cause of the problem, we can reliably reduce the size of the upper arms and tighten the skin with a brachioplasty procedure. This is done as an out patient operation in our office, and can sometimes be performed under local anesthesia with conscious sedation.

Because the scars generally run from arm pit to elbow I discourage patients with minimal laxity from choosing this treatment. “Mini Scar” procedures almost never achieve much of a before and after difference, and for that reason I do not perform them. But for patients with true laxity and excess skin, brachioplasty can be amazing. The scar extends into the arm pit to tighten the axillary region, and as a happy coincidence, the axillary hair and sweat glands are removed- think of the time and money you will save on shaving and deodorant!

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