Non-Surgical Procedures

Rehnke Non-surgical cosmetic procedures

There are many excellent non-surgical cosmetic treatments that we offer such as skin care. We have a full time aesthetician on staff who provides excellent treatment in a very professional manner that can make significant positive changes in a person's skin. Skin care treatment can reverse sun damage, aging, or the effect that smoking has had on skin.

Additional Non-Surgical Cosmetic treatments have become very popular recently; treatments like Botox and injections using fillers such as Collagen, Restylane, and more recently Juvederm.

These treatments are very popular and can be performed in the office but outside of the operating room.

If you are interested in non-surgical procedures such such as a Botox, injectables & fillers, skin care, or just have questions about your different non-surgical options, click the link below to schedule a personal and confidential cosmetic surgery consultation through our convenient on-line form. Or call 1-727-341-0337.